RDG's online design services will help you achieve your design vision for your home or office no matter where you live or what your budget may be.

Within 24 hours of placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation along with 1) detailed questionnaire, 2) measurement requirement list, and 3) photograph requests to help us provide you with the highest and most personal level of service. This information from you replaces the home visit we make as interior designers.

Once RDG receives the above items from you, please allow 48 to 72 hours for our design suggestion(s). When applicable, RDG will email you design board(s) along with detailed purchase information needed to execute the design plan. If we feel it will be beneficial, we may provide more than the number of suggestions with each service.

Pricing for all services below is for the design search only. You will have an opportunity to state your budget within the questionnaire.

1 Room Paint Selection:
Need help finding that perfect paint color for a particular room? RDG will email and post mail 8x10 paint samples which will best complement and coordinate with your existing furnishings.

2-4 Rooms Paint Selection:
Feeling overwhelmed with coordinating paint colors for several rooms? We will email and post mail 8x10 paint samples for a customized color scenario that will transition well room to room without sacrificing your personal style or color preferences.
$150.00 total, up to 4 rooms

5+ Rooms Paint Selection:
Whether you're painting for maintenance and want to change things up or recently moved and need to personalize or neutralize your new space, choosing paint colors for an entire home or office can be daunting. We will simplify the process for you by emailing and post mailing a color scenario using 8x10 paint samples.
$200.00 per home or office building

Exterior Paint Selection:
Color is an important and powerful tool in exterior painting. It can enhance or create attractive features in a home or commercial building, as well as hide or camouflage unattractive ones. There can be several factors to consider when coordinating your selections, such as doors, shutters, trim, roofing materials, porch ceiling and floor. RDG will streamline your options and email and post mail suggested 8x10 paint samples.
$200.00 per home or office building

Space Planning:
Smart space planning makes all the difference. You provide the measurements and photos; we provide the optimal furniture layout.
$150.00 per room

Furnishings Selection:
Can’t find the perfect sofa, dining chair or area rug? Save yourself the frustration and let RDG select two furnishings options for each item you need.
$150.00 per item

Lighting Selection:
Trouble deciding what size, wattage, or style of lighting you need? We would love to suggest the perfect solution, as well as provide a lighting plan if applicable.
$150.00 - $250.00

please select:

Art Selection:
Not sure what to hang above your dining sideboard or entry console? Allow us to guide you in the right direction by providing two unique options that fit within your budget.
$150.00 per item

Window Treatment Selection:
Are the endless options of dressing your windows overwhelming? RDG will provide two style and fabric/material suggestions for your room based on your preferences and practical requirements.
$150.00 - $250.00 per room

please select:

Design Question:
Do you have a specific design question that's got you stumped? RDG will respond within 24 hours with the best guidance possible. If you have more than one question, a phone consultation may better suit you.
$50.00 per question

Phone Consultation:
We receive numerous requests that do not necessarily fall into our listed service categories. In these instances, we offer a phone consultation which is directed by your specific needs.
$175.00 per hour (half hour minimum)